Dienstag, 15. Mai 2018

World Names TS3 To TS4

Hi, I've created a new mod that changes the names of the worlds.
I thought I replace the default names with the world names of The Sims 3.

How does this mod work?

1. install the mod in your mod folder.
2. create a new save (It doesn't work with your current save file)

Note: the new names will remain the same even after you delete the mod.
All language strings files are changed with the new names.

I don't have all EP's GP'S and SP's, will this mod still work?


Default World Names To Custom World Names

AE8A4AE5: Willow Creek -> Riverview
72841393: Oasis Springs -> Monte Vista
CD2ADFEB: Newcrest -> Twinbrook
F3EB8BD9: Magnolia Promenade -> Sunset Valley
0D10C688: Windenburg -> Dragon Valley
2B5BF587: San Myshuno -> Bridgeport
CCF4488D: Forgotten Hollow -> Midnight Hollow
D3B3F84E: Brindleton Bay -> Appaloosa Plains
6B701F7D: Granite Falls -> Moonlight Falls
BAB88A54: Selvadorada -> Hidden Springs


This mod should not conflict with any other mod as long as you have no other custom world names mod in your folder.

Buildt with game version : PC

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