Samstag, 14. Juli 2018

Pregnancy For Teens + Get Engaged Mod V2

This mod is not compatible with MC Command Center!

This mod allows your teen Sims to get pregnant and get engaged
Your Sim can visit the school as usual during pregnancy.
If your Sim is in the 3rd trimester, she can call the school and can go maternity leave

Note: This mod is for simmers that do not use MC Command Center.

Update 07 / 14 / 2018 : 
- Reported issues fixed

Which Interactionen options does this mod have?

- Try for baby / Try for baby with...
- Try for baby in... (Bush,Bed,Hottub,Tent,Coffin,Lighthouse,Leaf Pile)
- Take Pregnancy Test
- Have Baby
- Have Baby at hospital
- Propose


Q: Can the Sims have a pregnancy belly?
A: No, the Sims will not get a pregnancy belly

Q: Can I have your mod and MCC in the mod folder at the same time?
A: No, my mod is no longer compatible with MCC.

Known Conflicts:

-MC Command Center



- Don't claim as your own
- Don't Recolor without my permission
- Don't reupload

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