Freitag, 16. November 2018

Aupair Student Mod

Hire an Aupair student and let the butler rest!

After Gallery Patch in July, the first version "Hire Aupair Mod" has been destroyed.
After a big request I decided to create a new version.

This mod overrides the butler.

How does it work?

Very easily! Pick up your phone and go to Hire a service and click on Aupair!
Your aupair will be created randomly.
This means you will either get a teenager or a Young Adult ... Female or Male.

What does the Aupair do?

The Aupair still behaves like a butler but your Aupair can take care of your kids when you're there or away. The toddlers will not be sent to Daycare during this time.
You can act with the Aupair like with other sims.
You can still give the aupair the same tasks as the butler.

I will add much more to this mod in the future :)
If you have any wishes let me know!
(Do not be sad if I can not pursue your wish)

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