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Joy Perales

Joy Perales is a young adult who wants to be a good vampire.
She's creativ,cheerful and active.

* Download all CC's listed below to have the sim like in the pictures.
* Don't claim as your own
* Don't reupload

Expansion Packs I have:

- Base Game
- Get Famous
- Seasons
- Cats and Dogs
- City Living
- Get Together
- Get To Work
- Jungle Adventure
- Dine Out
- Spa Day
- Vampire
- Outdoor Retreat
- Parenthood
- Laundry Day
- Toddler Stuff
- Fitness Stuff
- Bowling Night
- Vintage Glamour Stuff
- Backyard Stuff
- Cool Kitchen Stuff
- Perfect Patio
- Spooky Stuff
- Movie Hangout
- Romantic Garden
- My First Pet Stuff
- Strangerville

Custom Content


Eyelashes : [Click Here] 

Jumpsuit : [Click Here]

Lipstick : [Click Here] 
Skin : [Click Here] 
Eyes : [Click Here] 
Eyeshadow : [Click Here] 

Nails : [Click Here] 

Dress : [Click Here]

 Winter Outfit : [Click Here] 

Eyeliner : [Click Here] 

Blush : [Click Here]

Eyebrows : [Click Here] 
Piercing : [Click Here] 

Swimwear : [Click Here]

Hair : [Click Here] 

Romper : [Click Here] 

Nightwear : [Click Here] 

Sport Outfit : [Click Here]

Installation Guide:
- Download the household
- Unzip files
- Copy all files and paste them into your Tray folder ([...]My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray]

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* Make sure to enable custom content included at the gallery *

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