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Samstag, 11. Mai 2019

The Sims 4 Baby Ariel MakeOver


Baby Ariel is a pre-made townie who came with The Sims 4: Get Famous. She is a four star celebrity with a great reputation, and she is based on a real life celebrity of the same name. Her preset fame quirks are "Fan" Mail and Public Number.

Ariel is a teen who is currently in high school with a C-grade and has the World-Famous Celebrity aspiration. She has six skill points in guitar and five points in piano. She doesn't have any relationships.


I only changed everyday!


Eyebrows : [Click Here]

Sweater : [Click Here]
Skirt : [Click Here]

Nails : [Click Here]

Hair V1 : [Click Here]

Lipstick : [Click Here]
Eyeshadow/Eyeliner : [Click Here]

Shoes : [Click Here]

Eyes Default Replacement : [Click Here]

Installation Guide:
- Download the household
- Unzip files
- Copy all files and paste them into your Tray folder ([...]My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray]

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Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2018

Best Friends Forever (Townie Makeover)

After a long time, i made another Townie Makeover video.
(Sorry i had to cut the first 2 minutes, because there was a mistake)
I hope you like it anyway :)


Requires these packs :

CC List:

Anto : Puma Hair
EllieSimple : Super Destroyed Shorts
                     Adidas Tied Tee
                     Strapless Playsuits
Kijiko : 3D Lashes
             3D Lashes Version 2
Madlen : Rosalie Shoes
Milara : Mia Skin
Nightcrawler : Sunset Hair
                        (c) AM 03 Hair
Plumbobjuice : 3D Lashes
Pinkzombiecupcakes : Denim Original Male Jeans
                      Dimples N04
                      Fox Eyebrows N105
                      Retro Eyeliner N73
                      Lavender Rain Eyes N135
                      Kingdom Earrings
                      Mouth Corners N03
                      Noct & Dia Earrings
                      Veox Skin Overlay
RemusSirion : Phosphate Lipstick
                        Terminate Lipstick
                        Compartment Lipstick
                        Male skin 09
                        Freckles #2
                        Soli lipstick 3 - male and female
              S-Club LL ts4 bracelet N09
              S-Club ts4 WM Nails 201705
              S-Club WM ts4 Eyebrows M 201704